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Powdered Vs. Pill Supplements – Which One Is Better?

Powdered Vs. Pill Supplements – Which One Is Better?

New to the wellness scene or a seasoned expert, there is a pretty good chance you’ve come across the longstanding ‘powdered vs. pill’ debate at some point during conversational passing. In fact, there is even a good chance that you have already picked a side. However…is it the better side?

All in all, a quality supplement fortified by a brand you can trust is certainly better than no supplement at all in terms of accentuating your health and life quality. But diving under the surface a little more (past the 5-star ads and marketing tactics), there is actually a side that is scientifically deemed better than the other – and for more fundamental reasons than just one.

Powdered Vs. Pill Supplements – The Breakdown

Powdered-Based Supplements


  • Drinkable and easy to consume in larger servings
  • Complete freedom to tailor dosage down to the granular level
  • Offers rapid absorption
  • Extensive shelf-life
  • Easily digestible
  • If you are part of the 40% of Americans who have trouble swallowing pills, this is the perfect alternative


  • Requires water or another form of liquid to ingest easily

Starting this off with powder-based supplements, there is a reason why this is one of the most widely-used forms on the market – especially when it comes to things like protein powder. For one, the biggest and most significant reason is that powder-based supplements can get into your system faster than pills, making them inherently superior for those who want fast results in record times. Part of that is due to the powder being highly soluble in liquid (allowing it to immediately be absorbed upon consumption), and the other is because your body does not need to spend 20-30 minutes breaking down compacted nutrients as it needs to with pills.

Now, powder-based supplements are clearly an excellent and cost-effective option to optimize taste, efficiency, and overall effectiveness. But that doesn't mean pills are all bad. Not only are pills very transportable, but sometimes that delayed-release is more favored for some people who like or prefer a more gradual response than an instant one. In a nutshell, pill forms were not made for instant results but still do have their own unique purpose in the world of supplemental health. However, they can be hard to swallow depending on the size and are not nearly as much of a flavorful “delicacy” in the wellness sector as its powdered counterpart.

Pill-Based Supplements


  • Due to compression, pills can hold a lot of nutrients within a reasonable size
  • Some less compacted forms can be crushed and mixed into water for easier consumption
  • Long shelf life
  • Can be easier to take while in transport


  • Potentially hard to swallow
  • Less freedom to tailor the dosage
  • Takes a notably longer time to absorb into the system

The Verdict?

Unlike the Left or Right Twix game, the powdered vs. pill debate should be considered much more than just preference; the side you pick can either speed up or potentially slow your progress depending on what the supplement is and what it is being used for. And based on the research that formed the results listed above, there is no denying that powder-based supplements are proven to be a higher standard than pills, capsules, and even gummies for that matter (gummies often contain added sugars, dyes, and sugar alcohols).

That said, never forget that the choice between pill or powder-based supplements is entirely up to you. You have the ultimate freedom to do what you feel is ideal for your own lifestyle and goals, and that could very well go against the data grains. But if you truly want to amplify your outcomes, have faster-acting absorption, and ultimately get the best bang for your buck, then be sure to fill your cabinet with the solutions that are proven to make that happen.

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